9/1:         Salamones – Prior to 1st game vs. College of New Jersey

9/8:         Second Salem – post College of New Jersey and pre-Belhaven

9/15:      841 – post Belhaven, Bye week

9/22:      Saxes – pre-Morningside

9/29:      Salamones – post Morningside and pre-Platteville (WIAC opener)

10/6:      841 – post Platteville and pre-Oshkosh (WIAC home opener)

10/13:   Second Salem – post Oshkosh and pre-La Crosse

10/20:   Saxes – post La Crosse and pre-Stevens Point

10/27:   841 – post Stevens Point and pre-Eau Claire

11/3:      Salamones – post Eau Claire and pre-River Falls

11/10:   Second Salem – post River Falls and pre-Stout

11/17:   Salamones – post Stout and pre-Play-off’s.  **Salamones will host any potential play-off shows on 11/23 (wed), 12/1 and 12/8, or as long as UWW is in the play-offs.

Click Here For the QB Club Application

Hawks Flash Big Play Ability in August 19th Scrimmage


Early camp scrimmages can be sloppy and the Warhawks’ August 19th session with the College of DuPage was certainly no exception.  However, the Hawks also showed some very good things as they scrimmaged in only their second day in pads.  One of the most important components of a dangerous offense is to have playmakers- athletic players capable of making big plays.  The Warhawks flashed some of that capacity on a sunny afternoon at Perkins Stadium.  On their second possession of the more game-like portion of the scrimmage, the Warhawks drove 98 yards for their first score.  From their own two, quarterback Chris Nelson hit wide receiver Marcus Hudson deep over the middle for a 73 yard gain.  Hudson showed explosive open field ability as he sliced through defenders for 30 yards after the catch.  Drew Patterson capped the drive with a 14 yard run up the middle as the offensive line blew open a huge hole at the line of scrimmage. 

         Dupage countered with a 65 yard drive on their next possession to pull even in the session.  Most of the yardage was through the air and missed tackles were part of the issue.  While missed tackles are never good, the fact that this was the Hawks’ second day in pads could mitigate some of the concern.

         After a disjointed Warhawk possession, undermined by a holding penalty, a short punt gave DuPage the ball on the UW-W 46.  Playing against some young Warhawks on defense, DuPage was able to drive to their second score of the scrimmage. 

         The Warhawks struck back quickly. On the first play of their next series, QB Cole Wilber hit WR Manny Jones for a 50 yard gain.  The next play, SR running back LaCurt Evans gained 14 yards, slicing up the middle and breaking a second level tackle.  Sophomore RB Cameron Bishop then scored from the one.

         After UW-W held DuPage to negative yardage their next possession, the Warhawks took over on their own 35. On the first play, sophomore QB Ryan Curran hit sophomore WR Mitchell Dess for a 39 yards. Curran capped the drive with an 18 yard TD pass to JR slot receiver Tommy Miller.  After forcing a turnover on DuPage’s final possession, the Warhawks once again started from their own 35. With time running out in the scrimmage, Chris Nelson hit SR WR Ryan Storto for a gain of 29 on a 4th and 10.  Storto made an athletic catch, jumping over the top of a defender from behind to haul in the pass.  On the final play of this section of the scrimmage, Nelson hit Hudson with a 40 yard TD pass on a post pass. Nelson hit Hudson in stride at the 20  and Hudson outran the secondary to the end zone.

         This past week the Hawks have continued fall camp in preparation for their September 3rd opener against The College of New Jersey at Perkins Stadium.  The 2016 roster will be finalized by Monday and the team will begin their game week preparations for next Saturday’s noon kick

Warhawks' Scrimmage Features Big Plays


(This is the first of two reports on Friday's Scrimmage. The other will focus on the "Quarter" part of the scrimmage)

In only their second day of full pads, the UW-Whitewater football team hosted the College of DuPage in a scrimmage last Friday afternoon.  After a combined practice in the morning, the Warhawks and Chaparrals scrimmaged for 90 minutes in the afternoon.  There were two portions of the scrimmage. One included a "Six Play" sequence in which each team had three possessions from the opposing team's 40 yard line and three possessions from the opposing team's 25 yard line.  Each possession consists of six plays. If a team scores before their six plays, they were allowed to run their remaining allotment, going back to the same starting point (40 or 25). If a teams failed to gain a first down, the ball went back to the starting point as well. 

While there was plenty of good, bad, and ugly as with any early season scrimmage, the Warhawks also showed plenty of great as well.  A slew of big plays and stout defense gave the coaches plenty to be happy about in this early season workout.  Many will remember a year ago when these two schools battled to a somewhat even scrimmage.  This year, the Warhawks appear much more dynamic than at this time a year ago. Defensively, DuPage was limited to one touchdown in their six possessions.  And that touchdown was on DuPage's last possession which was extended past their six plays. In that last possession, it took the Chaparrals 11 plays to score while starting from the 25 yard line. The Warhawks mixed in a lot of young defensive players during these Six Play sequences and many played extremely well, including many freshmen who were getting their first taste of action as Warhawks.

Offensively, the Warhawks scored three touchdowns on their first sequence alone. The scoring plays were as follows:

A 24 yard touchdown run by sophomore running back Jarrod Ware.

A 40 yard TD pass from Sr. QB Chris Nelson to sophomore receiver Mitchell Dess.

A 40 yard TD run by sophomore running back Drew Patterson (On the next play, the final play of the sequence, Patterson took a screen pass 35 yards to the five yard line).

The rest of the UW-Whitewater significant plays in the Six Play portion of the scrimmage included:

A 30 yard pass from sophomore QB Ryan Curran to freshman WR Josh Ringelberg. (Or SR WR Ryan Storto, couldn't tell because you had your jersey pulled up covering part of your number. C'mon man! :)  )

A 10 yard scoring strike from Curran to freshman WR JT Parish.

A 39 yard pass from sophomore QB Cole Wilber to junior WR Tommy Miller

A one yard touchdown run by freshman running back Cal Maly.

A 24 yard TD pass from Nelson to sophomore WR Canton Larson.

The Warhawks continue to prepare for their 2016 season opener against The College of New Jersey at Perkins Stadium on Saturday, September 3rd.  Kickoff is slated for noon. 



UWW class med.jpg

UW-W Assistant AD for Compliance Keri Carollo takes Warhawk football players through student expectations and eligibility requirements.  

The UW-Whitewater football team reported to fall camp on Saturday to prepare for the 2016 season. The Warhawks welcomed 135 players into camp.  The roster includes 42 incoming freshmen, 5 transfers, 8 players who were invited after spring tryouts, and 4 players who were out with an injury last year. 

UW-W will practice with helmets only Sunday and Monday, helmets and shoulder pads Tuesday and Wednesday, and full pads on Thursday, August 18th.  

For the coaching staff, Saturday was a little like making a long journey to a beach vacation and then only getting to dip your toe in the water on the first day. "We are so excited to see all the players again and get working with them. Then we see them early in the morning and they are shuttled off to get all of their administrative details taken care of.  We really don't see them again until dinner" according to Defensive Coordinator Rob Erickson. 



Hawks to Report to Camp Saturday


   Football is back! Members of the  Warhawk football team will be reporting for fall camp on Saturday morning to begin preparations for the 2016 season.  The Warhawks have high expectations of themselves in Coach Kevin Bullis' second year as the head coach.  "To a man, the seniors have set the bar of meeting their goal this year. Last year did not end the way they wanted," Bullis empasized.  Once camp gets underway, long term goals will not be mentioned again.  The heart of the Warhawk program is their one day at a time approach.  "We will mention our ultimate goal on the first day of camp. After that, we will focus on getting better every single day.  We trust our process.  Every one of us from coaches to players to training and support staff will work as hard as we can to get better every single day.  There is always something we can improve on. In class, on the field, in the meeting room, or in coaches' meetings.  If we put everything we have into getting better every single day, we believe we will have done everything we can to get where we want to go," Bullis continued.

   Along with a strong veteran nucleaus coming back on both sides of the ball, the Warhawks welcome in an outstanding recruiting class and a couple of outstanding transfers in the mix for 2016.  "We are extremely pleased with the athletes we were able to add this year," according to Recruiting Coordinator Craig Smith.  "The linebacker and offensive line groups are really outstanding. We have an unusually large number of high level players in those areas.  And I'll tell you what, the defensive line isn't too far behind either.  We have some outstanding young players coming in," Smith added.  

As far as returning players, the Hawks have eight starters returning on offense and six returning on defense.  Smith, who is also the Hawks' offensive coordinator is expecting a much improved offensive unit in 2016.  "There is no way too sugarcoat it, we weren't good enough on offense last year," Smith openly proclaimed.  "I had a confused quarterback and that was 90% my fault," Smith continued.  With a strong nucleus returning and a year of getting familiar with each other, Smith is expecting different results.  "Having a year together and then a full off-season together is huge," Smith emphasized.  "Last year, the guys basically had to learn in-season how we want to run up-tempo, for example. Now they did a great job with it, but they were basically learning it on the run.  This year, we will have our up-tempo fully installed and the guys will know exactly how we want to run it," Smith continued.  Smith explained the offense will continue to strive for balance and will not always be in no-huddle mode.  "There's something about Whitewater breaking the huddle and those lineman coming up to the ball ready to dominate the line of scrimmage. We never want to lose that," Smith emphasized. 

Defensive Coordinator Rob Erickson is welcoming back six starters for the 2016 campaign. In addition, a good mix of players with game experience will join the starters.  "We are excited about the group of athletes we have competing for spots this year," Erickson exclaimed.  "We have a lot of talent across the board.  There will be excellent competition at all three levels of the defense."

The Warhawks' first game will be a noon kickoff against the College of New Jersey on September 3rd at Perkins Stadium.  


Summer is Not Vacation for 2016 Warhawks


          If there is a theme that has come out of UW-Whitewater’s National Semi-final loss at Mount Union, it can be summed up in one word: "Competition".  “We went into the spring semester with a great emphasis on competition,” Head Coach Kevin Bullis said recently.  “January is when a team starts shaping itself and forming an identity. Coach Bracius had the players doing some heavy competing in the weight room. That served as a great foundation for where we were taking spring football,” Bullis continued.

       The theme extended to spring practices where the second year head coach served notice to his players that no one is assured of a starting job.  “On the first day of spring practice I announced that every position on the team was an open competition. We have a depth chart. But that depth chart can and will change based on who is earning a spot. It is great to see how the team is responding to that. Because when you get on the game field in our conference, it will be nothing BUT competitive,” Bullis emphasized.  

       That mentality led to one of the most intense springs that Bullis can remember since he first arrived on campus prior to the 2008 season.  Bullis said the emphasis on competition extended to every phase of spring football, “In the drills we fostered competitiveness in every facet that we could.  It was great to see the seniors lead the way in that competitiveness we were instilling. Our offense wants to beat our defense on every drill. Our defense wants to beat our offense and take great pride in that. It makes our practices a lot more fun and a lot more challenging with guys pushing themselves to new levels.” 

       Bullis challenged the players to extend their competitive approach to their summer workouts. “It’s easy to compete and push one another when the guys are in school and able to work out with teammates.  But summer can be a different story if they aren’t intentional. We told them to find a workout partner. Find someone you can compete with all summer long so you come back here ready to fight for a job in the fall.”

       While Bullis didn’t specifically refer to the Warhawks’ 36-6 semi-final loss to Mount Union, it was clear that game has served as a motivator within the program.  “We didn’t achieve what we wanted to achieve last year.  When I talked individually with the seniors, to a man they are determined to improve upon last year.”  At UW-W, that improvement comes one day at a time. Getting better every day is one of the trademarks of the football program.  Every day. Winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Bullis is confident the players will take seriously the challenge to improve themselves over the summer. “We recruit kids who love to compete.  We had a great spring and we can’t wait to get the guys back this fall,” Bullis mused. 


Familiarity Key as Coaches Eye Productive Spring

         Without a doubt, 2015 was a year of change and transition in the UW-Whitewater football program.  With the departure of Head Coach Lance Leipold and four assistant coaches to the University at Buffalo, the Berezowitz Student Athletic Complex football offices were more learning labs than they were planning headquarters at this time last year.

        New Head Coach Kevin Bullis was formally hired as Head Coach on January 30th.  Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach Rob Erickson,  Offensive Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator/Quarterback Coach Craig Smith, Offensive Line Coach Brent Allen, and Defensive Run Game Coordinator/Linebackers Coach Jace Rindahl all were added to the staff the first week of March.  That left them precious little time to get to know one another, much less the players, before spring practices began.

       Both Coordinators acknowledged the challenge in post-spring interviews a year ago.  “We started off kind of slow. When offense and defense would do 7 on 7 or different drills, there is a certain speed we are used to going. I think between the new coaches offensively and new coaches defensively, we were a little slower and it took some time to get into rhythm”, Erickson revealed.  Smith was equally candid.  “In the spring, I had to adjust to the way we practice.  The Whitewater way of doing things.  While I have things to bring to the program, at Whitewater you don’t make a change just for the sake of change. So in some ways, the kids were showing me the way in some of those things."

       Now, with more than a full calendar year on the job together, the coaching staff has a different mindset than they did during the spring of 2015.  “We know each other”, Erickson emphasized while contemplating the second season of spring practices in the Kevin Bullis era at UW-Whitewater. “This year we have defined objectives for the spring based on where we are as a team. Defensively, we know we have a lot of talent. But every team is different. We are looking to continue the hard work the kids have put in since January, discover the leaders, and build the chemistry of the 2016 defense.” 

       Coach Smith is looking to take his nucleus to the next level in 2016.  “I don’t think we were a bad offense (in 2015), but we weren’t a good offense. There is no other way to really sell that” Smith commented, noting “Last year was the first year in 10 years that I was coaching an offense that was not some type of option.”   He has worked hard in the off-season to be sure any deficiencies that occurred last season won't happen again.  “We were blessed this off season when Coach (Eric) Studesville came down after winning the Super Bowl.  He sat down with us for a day. He took us through some of the things they do. It really helped me in terms of calling more of a pro-based offense. We got Payton Manning stories and how he likes his protection.  That was an amazing experience. Then Coach Allen and I sat down with Coach (former UW-W offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve) Dinkel.  We watched our inside/outside zones and some of the power stuff we were doing.  We got to tap into two Whitewater guys who flourish in this world.  Through that input and a full off-season, we have been able to finalize how we want this offense to be run.”

        Smith clearly looks forward to a spring and fall camp where the focus is beyond getting familiar with one another.  “We have a good nucleus coming back.  While we lose some key pieces, we get some pieces back we were supposed to have a year ago. We get a Dennis Moore back. We get an Adam Korpela back. Brent Campbell who missed half the conference season, we will hopefully have for a full season. But even more importantly we get to all work on this offense together, in a proper time frame. A full off-season, a full spring, a full fall camp, a full pre-season. It will really allow us to hone in on who we are and what we want to do.”





2016 Warhawk Football Schedule

9/3/16       The College of New Jersey    HOME         Noon

9/10/16     Bellhaven                                 HOME         1 PM

9/1716      BYE

9/24/16     Morningside                             HOME          1 PM

10/1/16     UW-Platteville                           at UW-P       1 PM

10/8/16     UW-Oshkosh                            HOME          1 PM

10/15/16    UW-LaCrosse                         at UW-L        1 PM

10/22/16    UW-Stevens Point                 HOME            1 PM

10/29/16    UW-Eau Claire                       at UW-EC       1 PM

11/5/16      UW-River Falls                       HOME            2 PM

11/12/16    UW-Stout                                at UW-S         2 PM

Dealing With Disappointment

 “Disappointment is inevitable.  How we respond to it is one of the great measures of character and one of the great determinants of our destiny.”-

 mount post banner.jpg


       It’s no secret that Saturday, December 12, 2015 was a disappointing day for the UW-Whitewater football team.  After adapting to massive change in the coaching ranks and enduring significant injury adversity, a Warhawk season on the rise ended suddenly with a decisive 36-6 loss at the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio.  Congratulations must be offered to the Purple Raiders, who executed brilliantly and deserved to win the game.  But without a doubt, the Warhawks are not used to losing games.  And losing one by 30 points is a completely new collegiate experience for every player on the Warhawks’ roster.  It is experiences like Saturday that test the character and togetherness of a football team. The Warhawks demonstrated a character and class on Saturday that can only be revealed in midst of disappointment.  Comparatively speaking, responding appropriately in winning a championship is easy.  Our response to winning a championship reveals our level of humility, which is an important value. But responding to disappointment reveals our character, the foundation from which all of our attributes flow.

       If Saturday was a character check, then the UW-Whitewater football players passed with flying colors.  Led by a senior class that are two-time national champions, the Hawks refused to quit on Saturday.  Seniors led the way in reminding every player that Whitewater plays hard every play. With about six minutes remaining in the game and a 30 point deficit, one senior leader was reminding his teammates to “have fun”. His reasoning was a perspective lesson for anyone who loves competition. “We have six more minutes we get to play football” he exclaimed.  That is leadership. Not to mention a perspective that goes way beyond his years. 

       While there was the normal sideline exchanges that happen during the course of a football game, there was no finger-pointing or excuse making at the end.  It was what it was. The guys made a decision to stay in it until the end. With just over a minute left in the game, the defense made a stop on a third down play.  The hoots and cheers on the sideline sounded like those made on a stop with the game on the line.  The Hawks didn’t pout, they didn’t hang their heads, and they didn’t feel sorry for themselves.  They fought until the scoreboard clock ran to zero.   

       Was the loss disappointing?  Absolutely.  Does it define the 2015 season? Absolutely not.  Advancing to the National Semi-finals in a season in which so many people had to get to know one another and learn how to work together is an amazing accomplishment.  This season serves as a foundation on which to build.  The seniors did an amazing job in leading this year and passing on the values and ways of Whitewater football to the younger guys.  They leave as two-time national champions who will never be forgotten.  The juniors now step into the role as team leaders. They  have the opportunity to step up and lead in the way they have seen others before them. The younger guys will have another off season to get bigger, stronger, faster and better as they follow the lead of the seniors-to-be.  The coaching staff will be focusing on recruiting to bring the current group the help they need to be sure next season ends in no state other than Virginia. Along with recruiting, Coach Bullis and his coordinators will evaluate 2015 and make the necessary adjustments and improvements as the calendar turns to 2016. 

       Disappointment is inevitable. How we respond to it is one of the great measures of character and one of the great determinants of our destiny. Last Saturday’s result will in no way define Warhawk football moving forward.  However, how we respond to that disappointment will go a long way in determining the heights to which the program will ascend in 2016. 

Warhawks and Purple Raiders: A Week Early?


Since 2015, UW-Whitewater and the University of Mount Union have met each year, with the exception of 2012. Each of those games were played in Salem, Virginia with the National Championship at stake.  In 2012, UW-W did not make the playoffs so the teams had no opportunity to meet.  But in each of the other years, Whitewater and Mount Union played their way through their sides of the bracket of 32 teams and wound up in the pinnacle game of NCAA D-III football. Can two teams from different conferences who have no guarantee of playing each other at the start of a season be considered a rivalry?  UW-Whitewater Head Coach Kevin Bullis commented in Wednesday's media conference call,  "It's neat to see the respect these two teams have for each other.  I don't want to necessarily say it's a rivalry, but it's as close as something to be a rivalry without being a conference game to be honest with you. Our guys are excited to get a chance to go see Alliance. They really are.  Our kids have shown a tradition of being able to travel well, and we're looking forward to a fantastic trip and a fantastic Saturday." 

While the Warhawks and Purple Raiders may relish the opportunity to knock heads for the championship each season, the rest of the D-III world is likely more than ready to see different teams in Salem.  While an NCAA national committee puts together the bracket each year, one of the topics creating the most conversation this year is the placement of Whitewater and Mount Union on the same side of the bracket.  While some feel separation has been long overdue, others believe it should have been up to another team to upend one of the "purple powers' to deny yet another championship rematch.  Since 2005, UW-Whitewater and Mount Union are a combined 82-0 in playoff games  that don't involve the other school.   Asked his thoughts on bracket placement in today's conference call, Coach Bullis took a pass. "That’s not for me to decide," Bullis explained.  "I have no power over that decision. I guess I’m not concerned if it’s in Salem or wherever. There’s quite a tradition with it, which is why I think it comes up in discussion, that people think they should be on opposite sides of the bracket. With the way rankings work, we lost a game. The committee has to rank everybody, and based off of rankings, they’ve got to build the seedings, and we ended up being on the same side. I don’t think there’s anyone to blame or anything like that, by no means. I guess if you want to blame anybody, it’s on us for losing a game during the season. If we win that game, then more than likely, Mount Union and UW-Whitewater are the top seeds and are on the opposite sides of the bracket. I guess I’ll take more blame than anybody.” 







Ratbanner umu.jpg

       Nearly 16 years ago, the world was getting caught up in bracing for a problem of unknown proportions. Concern of havoc created by vital computer systems being unprepared for the calendar turning to the year 2,000 spread internationally.  Predicted maladies from security issues to famine to financial chaos to blackened electrical grid ran amuck. Y2K kits were sold.  Over the top instructions were dispensed.  With fanfare, the world braced for a disaster that never happened.  While there were minor issues of convenience, there appear to be no lasting problems associated with Y2K.  Except one.  Beating  Mount Union’s football team in Alliance. It appears that when the world’s computers capitulated and spun into the new millennium, the code for beating the Purple Raiders on their own turf was a casualty. Since the calendar turned to 2000, the Raiders have been nearly unbeatable on their home field.  The only exceptions were a 21-14 Ohio Northern victory on October 22, 2005 and  Mary Hardin-Baylor's 38-35 victory on December 11th of 2004.  The Cru overcame a 14 point fourth quarter deficit to snap a 39 game Purple Raider home winning streak. So in all, Mount Union has not lost a home game in over 10 years.  The UW-Whitewater Warhawks plan to do something about that on Saturday afternoon. The Warhawks and Purple Raiders meet in Alliance, OH in a NCAA D-III playoff game. Kickoff is set for 11:00 AM Central time.  The game can be viewed online on ESPN3.  

       Of course, since UW-W arrived on the national stage in 2005, no other team has beaten Mount Union anywhere.  They have won 23 consecutive conference championships and have played in 15 of the last 17 championship games.  But the reality is that former Coach Larry Kehres brought the program to such a high level that few teams were even able to compete with the Purple Raiders.  Enter UW-Whitewater. The Warhawks have met Mount Union in nine of the past 10 Stagg Bowls. After losing the first two, Whitewater has beaten Mount Union six of the last seven times they have played, including the last five. While Mount Union’s home record is daunting for many, it isn’t to Whitewater. As a result, perhaps no team has been so prepared to take down the Purple Raiders on their own turf as the Warhawks.     “I’m embracing it,” says UW-Whitewater Head Coach Kevin Bullis. “If you talk to any of our seniors, our juniors, guys that have an opportunity to play against Mount Union, that sounds like a lot of fun.” 

       The Warhawks’ strength begins at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. UW-W has a front line on offense that is both massive and athletic.  Jordan Ratliffe has found a rhythm with a line that has overcome injuries to three starters. But the same group has now been together for weeks and it is showing up on the field. In their quarterfinal victory over UW-Oshkosh, the Warhawks gained 240 yards rushing against the WIAC’s second most stingy rush defense. Chris Nelson has also been afforded time to throw by the O-line, who seems to be peaking as a group as the playoffs progress.

       Defensively, the Warhawks’ front seven has been both disruptive and play-making. The group has been putting pressure on the quarterback, making life difficult for UW-W playoff opponents.  While teams are gaining yardage on UW-W, the Warhawks have enough playmakers on defense that they are very difficult to score against if they prevent the big play. 

       Over the past two weeks, the Warhawks have defeated the nation’s sixth and third ranked teams on the road. Both provided good challenges readying the Hawks for the challenge ahead. Meanwhile, Mount Union cruised to victories against overmatched opponents their first 12 games this season. Then, last week, the Purple Raiders played a Wesley team that is a nationally recognized program.  But the Raiders did a number on Wesley last year to the tune of a 70-0 lead after three quarters.  This year was more competitive, but not remotely in doubt by halftime. Mount led 21-0 before Wesley scored a couple of touchdowns to make a game of things in the second quarter. But a second quarter onslaught gave Mount Union a 35 point halftime lead.  So much for competitive.

       This all provides a distinct challenge to Mount Union. How UMU will respond to adversity is simply unknown.  Plus the physical match-up with Whitewater does not appear favorable.  The Purple Raiders, always athletic and fast on both sides of the ball, have not matched up well in the trenches with UW-W over the past two years.  Unless the Raiders have really improved along the line of scrimmage, UW-W will have an opportunity to do what only Mary Hardin-Baylor has done since those Y2K kits were issued back in late 1999.  And while no calamity greeted the world on January 1, 2000, whether the same can be said of the Mount Union fan base on December 12, 2015 will be known by the middle of Saturday afternoon. 

All West Region Team Announced by D3football.com

Eight Warhawks Recognized

Austin Jones,        Jr    OG      FIRST TEAM

Justin Dischler,     Sr.   LB       FIRST TEAM

Ryan Winske,       Sr.    S        FIRST TEAM

Jordan Ratliffe,     Sr.    RB     SECOND TEAM

Brandon Tamsett  Jr     DT     SECOND TEAM

Tony Koepnick,     Jr    OT     SECOND TEAM

Spencer Shier,     Jr     OT     SECOND TEAM

Marcus Hudson,   Jr.    OT     SECOND TEAM


Hawks Win and Advance!

Warhawks Ride 31 Point First Half to Quarterfinals


Lake Bachar (13), Dylan Morang (21), and Zach Koch (55) prepare to take the field for warmups at Wheaton College on Saturday. UW-W beat the Thunder 31-17 to advance to round 3 of the playoffs. 


15 Warhawks Garner All-WIAC Recognition


1st Team

Senior Linebacker Justin Dischler           Senior Running Back Jordan Ratliffe



Junior Wide Receiver Marcus Hudson     Senior Safety Ryan Winske                  



Junior OL Tony Koepnick                       Junior DL Brandon Tamsett

Koepnick_Tony.jpg Tamsett_Brandon.jpg

Jr. Punter Lake Bachar                            Jr OL Spencer Shier             



2nd Team

Sr. DL Zach Franz                                   Jr. OL Austin Jones



So TE Tony Gumina                               So LB Matt Seitz




Sr CB Dylan Morang                                SR WR Joe Worth




Jr. CB Vince Mason                           All Sportsmanship: Sr. OL Lucas Skibba





*The Warhawks 412 yards rushing was the first time UW-W gained at least 400 yards rushing since gaining 413 yards at River Falls on October 23, 2010. 

 *The UW-W turnover advantage (+4) was the best of the 2015 season and the first time UW-W has enjoyed a (+4) advantage since October 18, 2014 at Eau Claire.

*Quarterback Chris Nelson has not thrown an interception in his last 158 passes.

*The Warhawks scored touchdowns on five of their six legitimate first half drives on Saturday. The Hawks have now scored TD’s on 23 of their 33 first half drives over the past five games. 

 *The Warhawks’ shut-out victory was their first playoff shut-out since 11/19/2011, a 59-0 victory over Albion.

 *The Warhawks outscored St. Norbert 14-0 in the first quarter and 35-0 in the first half.  UW-W has now outscored opponents 157-14 in the first quarter and 294-60 in the first half this year. 

 *After holding the Green Knights to 8 completions in 25 attempts on Saturday, the Hawks have now held three of their last four opponents to a completion percentage of under 50%. 





 *After Jordan Ratliffe’s 161 yard rushing day Saturday, he has now gained 379 yards over the past two games.  The last running back to have that many yards over two games was Levell Coppage who gained a combined 445 yards against Wesley College and Mount Union in the 2010 Semi-Finals and Stagg Bowl.


Warhawks Host St. Norbert College at Noon on Saturday!

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